Working Papers

“The King is Dead, Long Live the King! Superstar Extinction and Consecration in the Music Industry, 1958-2016” (with Simone Ferriani and Simone Santoni).

“A History-Friendly Counterfactual Computational Model of Managerial Agency, Foresight and Innovation by Established Firms” (with Daniel Engler and Joe Porac).

“The Socio-Cognitive Bases of Reward Allocation: The Interplay between Status and Social Ties in Peer-Based Evaluative Settings” (with Erik Aadland, Denise Falchetti and Simone Ferriani).

“Unpacking Interorganizational Relationships: Mandated and Voluntary Cooperation in the Opera Sector” (with Marcello Mariani).

“Coalitions and Organizational Learning: The Politics of Making Decisions” (with Ji-hyun Kim).

“In Search of Plausible Competition:  The Cognitive Embeddedness of Distinctiveness and the Infinite Dimensionality of Organizations” (with Daniel Sands, Jason Greenberg and Joe Porac).

“A Neo-Institutional Approach to Price and Pricing: Mimetic and Normative Isomorphism in Pricing in the New York City Restaurant Industry” (with Daniel Sands, Jason Greenberg and Joe Porac).